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23 July 2014

Roger returned from the Solar Cookers International (SCI) convention in Sacramento, California, completely energised by his experience despite the jetlag. He met the SCI team, solar cooker enthusiasts, inventors, trainers, charities involved in humanitarian aid, solar cooker entrepreneurs and many more people from around the world.

As both Roger and I have been travelling, we have not had a chance to discuss the convention in detail, and whilst I am waiting for debriefing notes and convention documents I can comment on the solar cooking exhibition.

There were around 50 solar cooks, using CooKits, hotpots, box, Fresnel lens, parabolic and other types of cookers, and many original models. Roger prepared the Middle Eastern stuffed peppers recipe that I had previously tested, cooking three stuffed peppers in our standard deluxe cooker and three in our adjustable deluxe cooker. One of the pots of food was covered with a black lid and wrapped in a cooking bag, whilst the other was left open to the sun, with neither lid nor bag. Both pots of food cooked beautifully, although according to the lucky tasters, the peppers in the open pot were slightly ‘al dente’, which some people preferred to the softer ones.

If you would like the stuffed pepper recipe, which is simple, very tasty, and can be prepared in advance, please email .  Visitors to the exhibition responded enthusiastically to our cooker because they felt it was simple, robust and low-cost. We have decided to name it ‘the Rollins cooker’ in honour of Matthew.

Meanwhile, I am using my previously described methodology to gain information about the target Pakistani village, and am awaiting answers from contacts in Pakistan to my preliminary questions about current food preparation and fuel usage customs. There is no electricity in this village, and people have difficulty using mobile phones because there is nowhere to charge them. Communications are therefore slow and intermittent.

In order to produce my business case, I need comprehensive information and I need to depend on others to gather much of it for me. I hope that this is not a barrier to our progress.




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Hello Viv, I just found your site. I wasn't able to attend the SCI Convention last year, but it sounds like everyone had a great time. The peppers sound wonderful. Cooking solar is so easy, why don't more of us do it? I took a look at the Rollins Cooker. It looks really great. I am always interested in the new designs. I hope your project in Pakistan goes well. I'll be watching for updates.

Merry | Sunshine On My Shoulder, 19 January 2015