Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers!

9 July 2014

Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers!
Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers!
  • Delicious!
  • Cloudy day
  • Almost 110 degrees C

After a week of checking the weather forecast,I was supposed to get pure sunshine for at least three hours today. Sadly, this did not happen, but our evening meal cooked anyways!

I put the stuffed peppers in the cooker at about 8.30am. I was rather annoyed that it was cloudy, but at least there were some sunny spells. After awhile the thermometer rose to 70 degrees C.

I had to go out between 11.45am and 3.30 pm and decided to leave the food in the cooker, adjusting its' position because I knew where the sun would be when I returned.   When I did return, the day was still partly sunny/cloudy and I noted that the thermometer had risen to about 110 degrees C, but only temporarily. In any case, I left the cooker until 4pm, then checked to see the results.

Fantastic and very tasty!

I adapted this recipe, which includes bulgar wheat, cinnamon, allspice and coriander and many more lovely ingredients. I am really amazed at how well the cooker works under less than ideal conditions.

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