3 July 2014

It is difficult to work on a project when the founder is critically ill. Although obvious, it seems odd that the world still moves on.

It doesn’t feel right to continue my work on this project and write this blog, whilst our Matthew is critically ill in hospital. Matthew's son Adam wrote an email to the Coventry Inventors’ Club, which Matthew founded:

“My dad is extremely feisty and still determined to get solar cookers out there.”

This has been Matthew’s passion for many years. I don’t actually know how many years, just that my initial contact with him was well over 10 years ago. In fact, since I bought this computer in February 2012, I have received or been copied into almost 2,000 Matthew-related emails, most of them concerning product development.  (I am sure I could find many, many more, dating back to 2003, in my old computer!)

So it wouldn’t feel right to stop this work either.

A few details about our social networking progress. Since we started on 19 May, the new website has had 173 visitors (with about 45% now returning and 55% new) from 25 countries and 114 cities. I am afraid I havent yet found enough time to devote to the other social networks, but we do have 13 Twitter followers, which is a start.  Of course there is so much more to do, in between my business consultancy and coaching work.

Meanwhile, things are just beginning to take shape at Applied Green Technology, and the signs for the business seem promising. Roger and I do hope that Matthew can have just a little more time to work with us, and if he can’t work, to just observe how the business is progressing.

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