Launch of our blog: Understanding Solar

9 June 2014

This is the first of hopefully many blog posts, which aims to address the world of low cost solar consumer products from both a business and humanitarian perspective. We hope you will find it as compelling a subject as we do.

Matthew Rollins, like all inventors, wants to make things better. He is totally driven to perfect his solar thermal energy devices and, at the same time, to make the world a better place to live.

He approached me about 10 years ago concerning the commercialisation of one of his many inventions, a low cost parabolic solar cooker. The invention didn’t succeed, but Matthew hasn’t stopped working on affordable solar innovations and with Roger Whitten‘s help, they are beginning to find a place in the solar consumer products market.

It has taken since 2012 to perfect and produce our current solar panel cooker models but we now have some tried and tested products to promote, so I am becoming more involved. This requires me to learn more about the consumers that use or could use our solar cookers; the benefits to women and children, as well as the limitations of our cookers; how and by whom the cookers can be funded, purchased and distributed; the cultural issues surrounding cooking with solar; and practical solar cooking techniques that work.

I have spent many hours net surfing, visiting websites of solar charities, solar suppliers and everything solar-related. I have learnt that the market for low cost solar cooking solutions is huge, that the demand is growing and that there are many barriers to overcome in order to reach the people that most need them. I am also curious about cooking with solar but will have to wait for some sunshine (not much around here!) before I can try some recipes and gain experience.

This blog follows my explorations into the world of low cost solar consumer products, starting with the business of solar cooking.

Viv Sloan

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Iam most interested to pathner with you on this laudable project. As a solar professional, we have been hearing about solar cooking products,but we have not seen one yet,Probably,you could arrange to send one to us to enable us market and distribute professionally.

P.O.BOX 3590,

eddy Agbro, 17 June 2014