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Applied Green Technology at Aidex 2014 in Brussels

18 November 2014

Viv Sloan spent two very busy days exhibiting the Rollins Solar Cooker at Aidex on 12-13 November in Brussels.

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Humanitarian Hero of the Year Award

14 October 2014

Amirali Karim, Chairman of The Lady Fatemah Trust, is one of the five finalists for the Humanitarian Hero of the Year Award 2014.

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Blog: Understanding Solar 9

5 September 2014

Finally I am able to write an update on our progress in Pakistan.

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Blog: Understanding Solar 8

23 July 2014

Roger returned from the Solar Cookers International (SCI) convention in Sacramento, California, completely energised by his experience despite the jetlag. He met the SCI team, solar cooker enthusiasts, inventors, trainers, charities involved in humanitarian aid, solar cooker entrepreneurs and many more people from around the world.

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Blog: Understanding Solar 7

15 July 2014

In order to make progress with our efforts to distribute solar panel cookers in Pakistan, Roger and I met with The Lady Fatemah Trust, which has recently distributed 1,000 cookers there.

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Matthew Rollins, Engineer, Inventor and Visionary (12.4.1937 - 10.7.2014)

11 July 2014

Matthew Rollins passed away yesterday, leaving behind his wife Estelle, sons Gary, Jeremy and Adam, and many family members and friends in Coventry and around the world.

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Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers!

9 July 2014

After a week of checking the weather forecast,I was supposed to get pure sunshine for at least three hours today. Sadly, this did not happen, but our evening meal cooked anyways!

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3 July 2014

It is difficult to work on a project when the founder is critically ill. Although obvious, it seems odd that the world still moves on.

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Blog: Understanding Solar 6

1 July 2014

I wrote this post, which describes the difficult task of researching potential partners in Pakistan, while solar cooking lamb tagine with sticky dates and olives...

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Blog: Understanding Solar 5 (Commercial)

26 June 2014

While I am working on my desk research and awaiting information about projects in Pakistan and other countries, this blog considers the different approach needed for the commercial market.

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Blog: Understanding Solar 4

23 June 2014

I have been working through the requirements for my ‘simple spreadsheet’ on the current state of solar cooking in target countries. I like information to be presented simply, but the process to arrive at my framework for decision-making isn’t simple and much of the information needed for it not particularly easy to obtain.

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Blog: Understanding Solar 3

17 June 2014

I have spent hours trying to gain enough information about the fragmented solar cooker market to enable me to devise a methodology to address it. I asked myself - where do I start? This blog encapsulates my desk research meanderings over the past few days.

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Blog: Understanding Solar 2

12 June 2014

Not being an authority on the subject, I am writing this blog to share my learning and analysis. As a business consultant I always take a systematic approach to addressing a market, although I haven't devised an analytical framework for this one....well not yet!

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Launch of our blog: Understanding Solar

9 June 2014

This is the first of hopefully many blog posts, which aims to address the world of low cost solar consumer products from both a business and humanitarian perspective. We hope you will find it as compelling a subject as we do.

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Solar Cooking in Hertfordshire!

23 May 2014

MD Roger Whitten tries out the new Universal Economy model by cooking a meal at home in Hertfordshire.

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Welcome to the Applied Green Technology Website!

19 May 2014

Applied Green Technology is pleased to welcome you to our new website.

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